For Vendor Advisors

Our unique relationships with corporate buyers and private equity firms means we are well-placed to support the work of vendor advisors.

Langcliffe Merger Connect holds details of the acquisition criteria set by nearly 8,000 purchasers, and we are actively engaged by in excess of 1,500 of them – including most mid-market private equity firms and their investee companies.

By working with us, advisors can put their vendor mandates in front of an unrivalled community of buying businesses, all of whom have expressed a serious interest in buying UK companies.

As a result, we work with a broad range of vendor advisors, including most mid-tier firms, a number of corporate finance boutiques and smaller accountancy practices, providing them with qualified buyers to supplement their buyer research and maximise the likelihood of them achieving a successful disposal.

"I have been in M&A for 25 years and pride myself on providing a quality service to vendors. I was genuinely surprised by the number of high quality relevant purchasers introduced by Langcliffe, a number of which I did not identify from my own research".

So why should you work with Langcliffe?

  1. Our team of consultants is 100% focused in this area, making us the UK leading specialist in deal origination.
  2. We only act for purchasers, so take our fees from the buy side only.
  3. If you provide us with details of your vendor mandates (by flier, email or other mechanism), we will give you a list of prospective purchasers. We will only send your flier to buyers who have been pre-authorised by you.
  4. We also support vendor advisors by providing these services at the "pitch" stage, providing possible acquirers in order to help them secure disposal mandates.

By working with Langcliffe Merger Connect, vendor advisors can win more disposal mandates and realise more successful exits from their disposal mandates – all at no cost to themselves.