For Business Acquirers

Put simply, Langcliffe Merger Connect prides itself on introducing more suitable acquisition opportunities than anyone else.

While there are plenty of organisations willing to undertake mandated buy-side search work, only Langcliffe offers a no-deal-no-fee service that provides a constant flow of qualified companies for sale.

How? Well, we communicate continually with an unrivalled number of vendor advisors who provide us with details of their disposal mandates and client companies seeking a purchaser. As a result, our database of companies for sale with revenue in the range of £1m to £20m is unique and significantly more comprehensive than anything else that exists in the UK market.

This level of information, combined with our expertise and simple but proven processes, delivers outstanding results for corporate buyers and private equity firms – ensuring that we remain the deal origination partner of choice for anyone who is serious about acquiring UK corporate assets in the £1m to £20m range.

We follow a unique 5-step deal origination process:

"Working with Langcliffe is a no brainer for us. No one else has anything like the reach and the expertise needed to put the right quality of opportunities in front of us."

"No-deal-no-fee is a pretty compelling proposition, but it’s nothing compared with the quality of the deals that Langcliffe puts in front of us every week."

  1. Understand your acquisition criteria: We will work with you to clarify and understand clearly the criteria by which you will assess a successful acquisition target. This provides the key triggers for the subsequent search actions and is critical to the success of the process.
  2. Search our bespoke database to find matches: By interrogating our comprehensive M&A database we instantly access details on more than 8,000 UK companies for sale (usually with turnovers in the range £1m to £20m) that have come to market in the last three to four years, of which 2,500 are going through a current sale process. We carefully assess them to identify targets meeting your acquisition criteria.
  3. Communicate your acquisition criteria. Our regular e-shot goes to more than 23,000 intermediaries involved in the ‘deal doing’ arena in the UK, allowing us to identify more companies for sale or, crucially, those that are contemplating a sale. This identifies current and new opportunities (some of them “off-market”) with value up to £50 million.
  4. Review, update and repeat: By keeping your requirements under constant review, our system will continue to find relevant opportunities as they arise for as long as you continue with your acquisition strategy remains in force.
  5. Corporate Search: In addition to our unique database and networking service, we also offer the more usual corporate search service. While this is of course not a unique service, Langcliffe offers a high level of expertise and insight for this activity. We will normally seek a committed fee for corporate search activity, albeit at a level which is highly competitive.

In addition to our work locating suitable acquisition targets, we also provide invaluable support to help our clients secure the acquisition outcomes they are looking for.

This work typically includes arranging non-disclosure agreements, organising access to additional information through an information memorandum or other provided information, supporting initial expressions of interest, and facilitating key meetings with vendors and other advisers